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In running a large game such as Conspiracy, there are a number of logistical concerns. In this section we aim to provide an explanation of how we will use the system to resolve conflicts between players, provide tips on how to make turnsheeting easier for you and us and provide details of when and where games will be held.

On Tuesday 12th October (1st week of Michaelmas) we will mostly be helping people to generate their characters, though there will be a short session in-character towards the end of the evening. In game, this session will be set in 2023.

Character concepts can be submitted to us for provisional approval before this time, but we cannot give final approval until the night, to avoid disadvantaging Freshers.

The first full session will be on Tuesday 2nd week (19th October) and sessions will then continue on a weekly basis.

Sessions will be held in Lecture Room 23, at Balliol College. There are directions here; in addition, a copy of these will be sent out on the mailing lists.

In 7th Week (23rd November), the Conspiracy session will be held in the Bernard Sunley Room A at St Catherine's College (the same place where Games Night is held). The directions page has also been updated.

If sessions need to be held elsewhere, an e-mail confirming the new venue will be sent out with as much warning as possible on the rpgsoca and rpgsocs maillists.

Conspiracy II HomeCharacter Gen.FactionsBackgroundLogisticsGame NewsConspiracy I Archive
Conspiracy is a role-playing game set in a fictional world similar to our own.
Any implied association with real world people or events is entirely unintentional.
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