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Below is a brief description of each of the factions. There are a few disclaimers however:

  1. This list is not meant to cover all possible factions. If your character wants to be part of a faction of their own design, ask a GM. We?ll probably try and make you a sub-faction of one of the larger factions, but it?s worth a try.
  2. The stuff mentioned below is that which all conspirators would know. When you make a character, you?ll get a more detailed info-sheet based on the secrets known only to your faction. Please be fairly sure that you?re going to go with that faction, (we promise that nothing below will prove to be totally untrue) since this is a game based on secrets, and we don?t want people knowing everything about the other factions.
  3. The factions are not openly at war, although the Knights of the Order of St Killian and the Pyramid have almost reached that point. It is not impossible to work with people from other factions, and the Illuminated Masters of many factions work closely together.
  4. Note the recruitment methods used by each faction. They aren?t meant to be definitive, but they give a flavour for how the faction generally recruits.
  5. Note that many factions have ?snubbed? classes and/or quirks. They?re not forbidden to members of the faction, but having them severely reduces the respect of their peers, and retards advancement within faction hierarchies. Sometimes, having unwelcome skills can also open up unwelcome inquisitions into one?s loyalty?
  6. To be part of the Utopian Council, pick another faction to be a sleeper in. You?ll be put in a cell of like-minded PCs or NPCs by us. You?ll probably want to look like a loyal member of the faction you are in, but you?re free to take what quirks you like within the limits prescribed by the Utopian Council.

The major factions are as follows:

The Curia was the entire conspiracy until the first faction broke away from its control. They are the most traditionalist and believe in the traditional sources of power: personal strength, magic and politics.
The Pyramid believes that a strict hierarchy is the only way to control the world, and that each level of the hierarchy should know only as much as it requires to perform its function.
The Order of the Knights of St. Killian seek only peace and safety for humanity, and shoulder the burden of the world?s dangers to that end.
The Plutocracy believes in the use of money and magic to control the world. While often assumed to be interested only in increasing their wealth, they actually tend to see money as a means to an end rather than an end in itself.
The Illuminated Followers of Ang believe in the search for perfection, enlightenment and understanding, and that it is their duty to ensure everyone gets there with them, with or without their consent
The Promethean Institute believes that science is the way. The way to provide for humanity and the way to control it.
The Utopian Council believes that the world is a place for Humanity and Humanity alone and that every human should have a place and know his or her place within that society.

While no faction is openly at war with any other faction, there are long standing associations and enmities between factions. Usually these are due to the compatibility of two factions philosophies and goals.

Individuals are free to hold their own opinions about other factions and their members, however the general feelings are detailed in the following diagram:

Conspiracy II HomeCharacter Gen.FactionsBackgroundLogisticsGame NewsConspiracy I Archive
Conspiracy is a role-playing game set in a fictional world similar to our own.
Any implied association with real world people or events is entirely unintentional.
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