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What is Conspiracy?  

Conspiracy is a Society Game about the secret masters of the world and everything they?re hiding from the plebs beneath them. It covers everything from sinister politicos with their MP5 wielding goons to mad sorcerers and psychics. It has space both for psychotic monomaniacs and those who want to protect the world from Forces It Cannot Understand?. Characters can be anything from simple human agents of the conspiracy to sinister illuminated masters, to robots, to AIs with cloned bodies, to hosts for Parasitic Brain Worms.

The characters meet at important locations around the world; typically such events as meetings of the World Trade Organisation, or any other place where powerful world leaders concentrate. Meetings take place on the solstices and equinoxes, as these are traditional nexuses of power that have long served the Conspiracy well. Security is always tight, to keep outsiders out, and to prevent enemies openly warring on each other at meetings.

The characters themselves belong to one of a number of factions within the grander conspiracy, which vary from loose associations to rigid hierarchies. They meet in order to ensure there is dialogue between them, for should the factions fail to work together, they would soon accidentally cause each other?s exposure in a modern world of instant news and telecommunication. That is not to say they get on though ? indeed some say that the modern world, combined with the increasing factionalisation of the Conspiracy, is bound to lead to disaster?

About this website

This website is primarily a resource for players of the Oxford University Roleplaying Society's 2004/2005 Society Game. The Society Game is open to all members of  RPGSOC and the society is open to all - you do not need to be a member of the University of Oxford. All you need is an imagination and the desire to play in our games. New players may join the game at any time; please email us for details.

Please note that due to privacy issues, the Cast list page is not available unless you are logged in to the Conspiracy II website. We apologise for the inconvenience of this, but this page contains player contact details and we want to make it difficult for spammers to harvest your email addresses.

To register, simply click on the Create one link below the login form on the left hand side. When registering, it would be helpful if you used your real name as your website "Username" and filled in your character name as your "Name". Those who registered with the Conspiracy I site will find your accounts still available. You may use the Your details link in the User Menu on the left (once logged in), to Correct your "Name" to be that of your new character, or you may create a new account.

Accounts are created immediately, allowing access straight away, however if you register with the website and the GM's do not recognise your Username or email address as that of a current, past or potential member of the society, then we may query your registration - we don't want any spammers sneaking in.

Again, please note that the only additional content available on the website after registering is the Cast List. If you are not a player of the game needing to contact another player, there should be no need for you to access this page.

One final note, due to technical difficulties with the website, some page links may fail if you are not logged in. All of the content of these pages can be accessed via the main menu, but for convenience you may wish to register even if you don't want to see the Cast list.

(This mainly happens on pages where a number of items are grouped together, such as the Factions list. If you view the entire list, they are all visible, if you try to select a single faction to be displayed on it's own, then you will be told that you are not authorised to view it. Logging in allows you to use these links).

Conspiracy II HomeCharacter Gen.FactionsBackgroundLogisticsGame NewsConspiracy I Archive
Conspiracy is a role-playing game set in a fictional world similar to our own.
Any implied association with real world people or events is entirely unintentional.
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